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Not Just a Fan of Fantasy, but of Thrillers

My taste is books may have altered over the years. After all, everything in our lives does. Our taste buds reject foods we once craved, seeking something new and exciting to our palettes. We learn to take risks with our likes and dislikes and to appreciate what we're familiar with.

My bookish taste buds have begun to lead me (increasingly so) toward the Thriller genre. Maybe it's the deliciously dark moments fuelled by surprise or the constant sense of wonder and mystery I get from these books, but I've become an adrenaline junky, looking for my next quick fix of thrilling literature.

I find myself longing for pitch-black corridors and failing flashlights while exploring dangerous locales. Don't get me wrong, I am still infatuated with mythic creatures, magic, and ancient folklore. These things will forever form a part of my heart and soul, but give me a dark, sadistic serial killer to analyze and I am completely hooked.

Just A Drop in the Ocean (A Review)

From Grant Leishman comes A Drop in the Ocean, a charming tale of romance, deceit, and accountability for one's actions. Set between the Philippines and New Zealand, we follow the journeys of Teresa and Nick, two long lost pen-pals.

Having lost the contact they craved as adolescents, both try to move on and find romance, but neither finds what they need in their partners. There is a recurring theme of emotional manipulation that sees both Teresa and Nick desperately cling to unhealthy relationships. This story warns potential readers of the signs of emotional manipulation, both in men and women.

At first, I disliked Teresa as she allowed herself to be used not only as a sexual object but as a fall-guy for people in political power. I suppose that I also felt a similar way about Nick's character when he first marries. He allows his hopes and aspirations to disappear, clinging to the company of his new wife, no matter how dire his financial situation gets.

I enjoyed the author'…

Chameleon, by Zoe Kalo (Review)

A Young Adult / Paranormal tale that visits the theme of human psychology.

After being kicked out of her last high school, Paloma finds herself stuck in a convent/boarding school where nuns teach more than just biology and languages. Cruelty runs amock, but not

everything (or indeed everyone) is as it seems.

I found this to be a chilling read full of unique mysteries that spiraled together, forming a complete picture at the very end. It's hard to tell who can be trusted in this YA Paranormal journey. Can Paloma trust her own mind when things start to look bleak? I wasn't sure of the answer at first.

True deception is an art form, as I soon found out through reading Chameleon. As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Find the book here:
Recommended for lovers of the paranormal and abnormal psychology.

Rated 5 stars.

Sunday Brings A Book Launch

Hi guys and gals, and all those in between,

In addition to today's earlier post, I would like to invite you to
join my Facebook event this Sunday, for the official book launch
of Phoenix's revised edition.

Phoenix revised edition Launch Event

This is separate from the book tour that I recently
mentioned in one of my posts.
 We shall be hosting multiple author giveaways in the Fantasy,
Young Adult, and Romance genres, and chatting to other authors
about their day to day lives, interests, and getting to know
both them and fellow readers better.
If you're interested in coming along, it is a FREE online event and shall
be running on Sunday 30th April from 10 am to 5 pm (GMT: London, Lisbon.)
It would mean a lot to see some of you there and I hope you're all having an
amazing #TGIF!

Bye. :)

Introducing Our Sister Blog Site

Hello and good morning you gorgeous people. 
Today is another day of announcement here at the Buchelli Books Blog.

We are proud to introduce our sister blog site over on Wordpress, with 
Fantasy Books 411

For the time being, both sites with remain, each with their
own followers and personalized content.

If either blog should be deleted in the future, then there shall be
several notifications before any such event.
If you'd like to check out the Fantasy Books 411 site, then here is the link again:

Fantasy Books 411

Happy to keep you updated. I hope you all have an incredible
weekend and be sure to keep on reading and doing your own thing.

Bye. :)

Hi, Book Lovers.
It's time for an announcement!
From May 1st - 15th, Bewitching Book Tours will be hosting a
Book Blog Tour for PHOENIX: Book One of The PeradonFantasy Series.

A copy of the Tour schedule can be found below:

Schedule Phoenix by Daccari Buchelli

May 1 Guest Blog Fang-tastic Books

May 1 Spotlight The Silver Dagger Scriptorium

May 2 Spotlight Books, Dreams,Life

May 2 Spotlight Mello and June, It's a Book Thang! –

May 2 Spotlight Lisa-Queen of Random
May 3 Spotlight The Authors Blog

May 3 Spotlight CBY Book Club

May 3 Spotlight <

Cloak of Echoes: A Fantasy Book Review

Cloak of Echoes (Book 2), by C. K. Dawn:

Cloak of Echoes, the second book of a daring fantasy series, follows seventeen-year-old Emma Kincaid as she deals with the mysterious empathic abilities that have so far shaped her life.Emma's character comes across as quirky and shy, though she possesses a natural talent for humor and is stronger than she gives herself credit for.

The story progresses quickly, with an effortless friendship forming between Emma and brooding new student, Mattox. Themes of loss and difference are key to the tale as secrets are revealed regarding Emma's unique abilities.

I enjoyed every moment of this short, but intense read. I found myself feeling every subtle emotion of Emma's character as the urgency of the scenes built up. I was eager to turn each page, excited for what would happen next.

This book is definitely on my paperback list. I would recommend it to lovers of urban fantasy and Arthurian fantasy.…

The Angel Alejando, by Allistair Cross (A Review)

The Angel Alejandro was an intriguing and somewhat surprising read. When Madison O'Riley is saved by a young man with silvery eyes, life in her little village begins to change.

Sin features as a key theme as the villagers are tempted into committing dark deeds. Lust and greed fuel the second half of the novel, making for a more steamy story.

You can find The Angel Alejandro for SALE on Amazon

The writer paints vivid pictures through his use of language and brings each scene to life in gorgeous detail. I would note for sensitive readers that there is a TRIGGER in this book, in the form of a SELF-HARM scene in the second half. There is also content that could be seen as EROTICA.

I would recommend this novel for lovers of modern paranormal fiction. Demons and Angels await you in this quirky read. I rated this book 5 stars as I would happily read it over and over.

-Daccari Buchelli.
Fantasy Novelist.

Wise Words from Stephen King

On Writing, by Stephen King:

A Book for Readers, Writers & Fans

A little over a week ago, I began to read Stephen King's On Writing, a memoir on the craft of writing. I would like to stress how important this book was to me not just as a writer, but as a reader and avid fan of King's works.

Yesterday, I finished the book and could not find a single fault. This non-fiction title, not only talks about how King hones his craft but takes you through the crucial life experiences and challenges that arose within his life as a writer.

King's greatest piece of advice?
'Omit needless words.'

Many writers have heard the word redundant, but it's one that still feels new to me. King encourages all would be or establishing writers to cut such redundant words, not just to boost the pace of your story, but to clean up your fiction in general.

The famous phrase Kill your darlings is used multiples times in this book…

We Are Unique: Embrace Yourself As You Are.

I urge you to take a moment today and think about what makes you unique. Whether it is a physical trait that you possess or a quirk of your personality. What makes you soul brighten on your darkest days and brings you joy above all else?

We are all different, all constantly changing amongst one-another. One thing that no-one will ever have (except in the rare case of organ-doning them) is your eyes. The human iris can never be replicated. Every single pair of eyes are unique, down to each little spark of colour within. In time, there will never be another like yours, just like there will never be another you.

Look at those around you; your friends, family, or colleagues, even strangers. What can you see that is new to you? Does someone walk a certain way or run their fingers through their hair at each change that they get? Why is it that certain things draw us closer and others get us to keep our distance from someone? Find these unique quirks of character and compliment a friend on the…

Cover Reveal Success

Good Morning.
So, Buchelli Books' Cover Reveal was a success. Below is our brand NEW cover for Phoenix (2nd Ed.)

Be sure to watch out for updates at

ARC copies of the 2nd Edition coming MARCH 15th.

Please email the author at: 
Daccarim93 (at) 
if interested.

The Idea of Perfection

When the creative juices begin to flow, I find that I cannot stop myself from writing with wild abandon. With that being said, I include for your eyes a poem that I've written, entitled The Idea of Perfection.

Perfection. It is something we subconsciously strive for; part of the human condition you could say. The more I think about this word, the more I realize that it is no more than an idea, A collection of traits summed up as the ideal human individual.
Perfection. It doesn't exist; perhaps it never has, So why do we long for such a thing? Is it hard-wired into our DNA, that we  should stamp out anything which deviates  from this rule?

Perfection. It has many forms, from the wonder of a  newborn babe to the love of our life who  stops our heart with a single glance. It is all around us, in every possible form. It is the trees we glimp…

A Review of God's Rogue, by Kevin. S. Chambers (Featured on Net Galley)

For fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy, may I introduce God's Rogue, by Kevin. S. Chambers. Here, we follow the second person perspective of Kayden; a human man with God-like powers.

The story houses key themes of mortality and mythology as demi-god beings called the Annunaki wage war on the human populace. Ancient beings from Greek Mythology known as Titans are also included in this thrilling tale. While they only play a part toward the end of the story, I can see there being a sequel where they will play a more dominant role in the storyline.

With enemies lurking throughout the galaxy, you would expect some humor to lighten the mood and the readers shall not be disappointed here. Chambers shows a flair for sarcastic humor that helps to hint at the deeper emotions of his characters.

The dialogue between characters flowed well and gave me a good sense of the characters personalities and shift in emotions. Conversations between the characters sparked questions in my mind from the star…

Buchelli Books Has Moved

Good evening from England.

It is with great pride that Buchelli Books
 introduces its new website:

We are now a .com site and are working hard to ensure
that we have new features for you to explore.

We do have one other update for you.
We have launched a Facebook Event to celebrate
Phoenix 2.0 entering the editing process.

This event will consist of a new COVER REVEAL for the Second Print Edition.
Get a peek at Phoenix's new look on FEBRUARY 15th
from 10 am (GMT.)

We look forward to seeing you there.

How Reviewing Books Can Improve Your Writing

Greetings again from the mind of an Indie Author.

Over the past six months, I have begun to take on people's review requests and believe me, since listing myself on a few directories, there've been a few. I'm currently working my way through my reviewing list and I realized that I haven't blogged about one of the most useful things that I've learned so far.

How Reviewing Books Can Improve Your Writing

They say practice makes perfect. Maybe it does. However, I find that reviewing the works of others, particularly those in my specialist genre, has helped me to not only understand the intricacies of book writing but to improve my work in significant ways.

1) Learning to understand the differences in Style:

I've learned how to identify the differences between my personal writing style and that of the Author whose work is on the screen before me.

Identifying these differences, be they in the flow of the writing, character description or scene setting, plays a key part…

Fantasy Review: Fire's Love, by Alex. E. Carey

Fire's Love by Alex E. Carey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Set in the USA, this enchanting Fantasy by Alex. E. Carey had its hooks in me from the start. Kira Phoenix is a self-proclaimed 'weird' sixteen year old; beautiful, intelligent, and undeniably feisty. It's no wonder she attracts trouble.

This moving piece follows Kira's journey after she is granted an early acceptance into college. Her new friends Lowell and Pyre are mysterious at first, but soon begin to pull on Kira's heartstrings. We see many friendships formed within this story and not all of them positive, but don't worry, I won't spoil it for you.

The Author's writing style flows well and has an elegance to it that captivates the mind. The plot was well constructed, with various characters that I came to both love and hate. I love that you get a real sense of Kira's emotions as she battles multiple secrets that are thrown her way.

Envy, love, and change are just a few of the dangers that …


A work of fiction is in many ways like a well cared for machine.

If you keep it well oiled and maintain its many components, then you're likely to come out with something grand. When I write, I see through many sets of eyes; the Author, my different characters, and of course, as a Storyteller.

Why an Author AND a Storyteller?

A Storyteller is exactly as it sounds; Someone who regales us with tales of young and old, who makes our bodies quake with passion, fear, among many other strong emotions. As an Author, I not only tell a story, but I criticize my work in every possible way. Perhaps this is because I'm a perfectionist. I ask myself if my ideas are possible if I can truly imagine a certain set of events happening.

It is a grueling task to write a full-length Novel, but don't ever be put off. The rewarding feeling you get from finishing a book is payment enough.

Remember to keep your imagination alive and kicking, for there is no greater gift. Read plenty of your favourite gen…

Writing with Aspergers Syndrome: Part 2

Sensory Processing Disorder

One of the most common traits of Autistic individuals is some degree of Sensory Processing Disorder; when the seven main senses (sight, smell, touch, sound, taste, balance, and movement co-ordination) are either jumbled up and/or extremely over or under-sensitive.
It is most common for the five crucial senses to be over-sensitive, resulting in mild to severe distress when exposed to certain stimuli over an extended period. For me, one of the hardest senses to deal with as I grew up was touch. Light touch in particular is something that I have never liked. There's just something about the way that other people's skin brushes along mine that makes the skin want to crawl away from my body.
Light has never been good to me either. From a young age, I showed a particular sensitivity to florescent bulbs and have always struggled to concentrate beneath their false rays of sunlight.
 With SPD, things can become overwhelming rather quickly. What may seem lik…

What Self Publishing Blogs Aren't Telling You

Social Media Marketing is Dead!

Well, it is to a large degree. I've subscribed to so many blogs over the past year where every bit of advice is exactly the same. Use social media and their ads in this way to generate more sales and traffic for your website. Want to know something? Under most circumstances, this doesn't work.

Social Media sites are meant for just that, being sociable. Sure, they would help to grow interest in you as a person and as an author, if you try to get to know your target audience, but sharing posts and placing ads doesn't appear to be that effective. In my experience, those that do click or boost links and posts are fake accounts that have no data- I'm especially referring to Facebook here.

What will help?

Learn about the entire Publishing Process. There are places with as much information as you can imagine. The internet is a vast sea of knowledge and when you're more familiar with the process yourself, your efforts will be well worth the t…