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Wise Words from Stephen King

On Writing, by Stephen King:

A Book for Readers, Writers & Fans

A little over a week ago, I began to read Stephen King's On Writing, a memoir on the craft of writing. I would like to stress how important this book was to me not just as a writer, but as a reader and avid fan of King's works.

Yesterday, I finished the book and could not find a single fault. This non-fiction title, not only talks about how King hones his craft but takes you through the crucial life experiences and challenges that arose within his life as a writer.

King's greatest piece of advice?
'Omit needless words.'

Many writers have heard the word redundant, but it's one that still feels new to me. King encourages all would be or establishing writers to cut such redundant words, not just to boost the pace of your story, but to clean up your fiction in general.

The famous phrase Kill your darlings is used multiples times in this book…

We Are Unique: Embrace Yourself As You Are.

I urge you to take a moment today and think about what makes you unique. Whether it is a physical trait that you possess or a quirk of your personality. What makes you soul brighten on your darkest days and brings you joy above all else?

We are all different, all constantly changing amongst one-another. One thing that no-one will ever have (except in the rare case of organ-doning them) is your eyes. The human iris can never be replicated. Every single pair of eyes are unique, down to each little spark of colour within. In time, there will never be another like yours, just like there will never be another you.

Look at those around you; your friends, family, or colleagues, even strangers. What can you see that is new to you? Does someone walk a certain way or run their fingers through their hair at each change that they get? Why is it that certain things draw us closer and others get us to keep our distance from someone? Find these unique quirks of character and compliment a friend on the…