Not Just a Fan of Fantasy, but of Thrillers

My taste is books may have altered over the years. After all, everything in our lives does. Our taste buds reject foods we once craved, seeking something new and exciting to our palettes. We learn to take risks with our likes and dislikes and to appreciate what we're familiar with.

My bookish taste buds have begun to lead me (increasingly so) toward the Thriller genre. Maybe it's the deliciously dark moments fuelled by surprise or the constant sense of wonder and mystery I get from these books, but I've become an adrenaline junky, looking for my next quick fix of thrilling literature.

I find myself longing for pitch-black corridors and failing flashlights while exploring dangerous locales. Don't get me wrong, I am still infatuated with mythic creatures, magic, and ancient folklore. These things will forever form a part of my heart and soul, but give me a dark, sadistic serial killer to analyze and I am completely hooked.

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